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Garrett GT28 Turbine Housing V Band Inlet & Outlet Kit 0.57 A/R

by Garrett
Original price $677.56 - Original price $677.56
Original price
$677.56 - $677.56
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SKU 827690-0001
Housing part numbers:
827690-0001 0.57 A/R
827690-0002 0.72 A/R

GT28 Turbine housing includes:

Housing 0.57A/R or 0.72A/R
V-band clamps
CHRA bolt & flange kit

Suits Garrett GT28 series with 46.95mm 76 trim turbine exducer
Fits Turbos:
816364-5001S    GTX2860R
816364-5002S    GTX2860R
816365-5001S    GTX2863R
816366-5001S    GTX2867R

707160-5005S    GT2860R          
707160-5010S    GT2860R         
780371-5002S    GT2860R     
739548-5001S    GT2860RS   
739548-5005S    GT2860RS   
739548-5009S    GT2860RS   
739548-5015S    GT2860RS   
472560-5015S    GT2871R     
472560-5016S    GT2871R     
743347-5001S    GT2871R     
743347-5002S    GT2871R     
743347-5003S    GT2871R     
743347-5004S    GT2871R     
771847-5001S    GT2871R     
705330-5003S    GT2876R
705330-5004S    GT2876R
705330-5001S    GT2876R     
705330-5002S    GT2876R