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Redarc GoBlock PowerDock Charging System

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To get the most out of your GoBlock portable power system, add the PowerDock, a semi-permanent installation that allows you to securely mount your system and rapid charge from the vehicle.

This PowerDock can provide a rapid charge direct into the GoBlock system making it the most versatile portable dual battery system and a true all-in-one solution.

Green Power Priority

The PowerDock allows Green Power Priority charging to your GoBlock setup, providing simultaneous vehicle and solar charging that will utilise all available solar power before supplementing with power from the vehicle when necessary. This reduces the load on your vehicle electrical system and ultimately increases fuel economy. 

Secure mounting with anti-theft capability

It is even lockable with a neat anti-theft feature. When you reach your destination, pop the quick release handle – the GoBlock is recharged, ready to go.

The PowerDock provides a secure way to transport the GoBlock in a vehicle, and the patented PowerDock design provides both restraint and connection with a single-action mechanism. The PowerDock system has been tested to suit relevant crash and vibration standards.

Unlock these additional features when paired with the PowerDock

  • A simple to install quick-release system
  • Recharge your GoBlock fast with simultaneous DC and fixed solar charging with Green Power Priority 
  • Automatic safe chargeback to the start battery
  • GoBlock restraint for safe travel – no more tie-downs
  • Secure GoBlock with the lockable anti-theft feature
  • Ignition signal input for better performance when used with smart alternators
  • Install multiple PowerDocks across vehicles or campers for easy GoBlock transfer
 REDARC PowerDock Basic Wiring Kit PPSDOCKWK-001