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Redarc GoBlock 100ah Portable Lithium Battery System PPS12100

by Redarc
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$2,797.75 - $2,797.75
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SKU PPS12100

Redarc GoBlock 50ah Portable Lithium Battery System Intergrated DC Charging With MPPT Solar + Smart Alternator Compatible And Green Power Priority

 Battery Recovery Cable SBR0001
 PowerDock Charging System PPSDOCK



Intergrated DC Charging Yes
Smart Alternator Compatible Yes
USB Outlet Yes
Battery Amp Hours 10
Weight 20.5kg
Accessory Outlet Yes
Charge Rate 50a
Start Battery Recovery Feature Yes
Anderson Outlet Yes
Merit Outlet Yes
Dimensions LxWxH 55x24x27cm
Fridge Output Yes
Battery Type Lithium
Green Power Priority Yes