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Direction Plus Provent Replacement Element (PVE150DP)

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Direction-Plus™ PVE150DP is the Replacement Element of a Provent® oil separator kit which protects your diesel engine by substantially reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system.

Advantages of The Direction-Plus™ ProVent® Replacement Element PVE150DP:

• Ultra-compact design
• Up to 150 l/min blow-by gas
• Equipped as standard with high-efficiency medium
• Pressure regulation
• Available with by-pass or pressure-relief valve
• Suitable for use as an open or closed CCV
• Use of two ProVent 150 in parallel possible
• Protection against incorrect insertion of replacement element through symmetrical design
• Check valve for oil return available as option (recommended)
• Cover position adjustable in steps of 3 degrees