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Bosch Fuel Injector 440cc 42 lbs

by Bosch
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  • Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms (This high-impedance injector will work with all factory ECM/PCM injector drivers)
  • Spray Pattern: Dual Spray Wide Cone / Split Cone
  • Electrical Connector: EV1
  • Fitted with Viton upper and lower o-rings.
  • Static Flow Rate @ 43.5PSI (300kPa): 43 lb/hr




These injectors are well suited to turbocharged and supercharged applications that see high fuel system pressures.

Also a common upgrade for Ford BA XR6 Turbo

Direct Fitment for the following applications: 

BA-BF XR6 Falcon Turbo and non Turbo models

Holden LS1 

EA, EB, ED, EF, EL & AU 4L Intec Engines 

VN, VP, VR, VS, VT, VX, VY Holden Commodore Ecotec V6 & V8 engines.

These High Flow injectors utilize a split / wide cone spray pattern for improved mixture preparation and atomization. This results in lower BSFC and better idle quality than many injectors with less flow.